Week 20 - Wednesday 14th June


A fairly warm evening for a game of feverish six-a-side tonight which, unfortunately, became a five on six when Garno had to pull out due to a Sunday knee injury getting the better of him. Hard luck mate, maybe next week. Still we had a decent amount of players even though we were waiting on Stef until close on 10 past seven.

BIBS –  Ailes, Chris B, D Low, Stef and Ryan
SHIRTS – Gaz, Beatts, Ashey, Simon, James and Jake.

As usual after Beatts decided I was the referee, things got going. The five players of the Bibs had the early going with the (mainly) younger side and faster legs with Ailes twisting and turning his way through multiple bodies to score a great goal. Beatts retaliated with an ace goal of his own and also Simon getting in on the act after a pass down the sideline, he twisted, feigned a shot the drilled home a low one.

As the match went on however, in the evening heat, the Bibs started to suffer and the Shirts started getting more goals. Gaz had a nailed on chance of a goal in front of the onion bag only to sky it in spectacular fashion that a rugby player would have been proud of. Up, up and away number 1.

Then there was a swap around of personnel which unfortunately invalidated the final score. Gaz joined the bibs, Ryan did some swapping to the Shirts then back again because he preferred the five team. Basically it got totally uneven and broke our normal rule of sticking with the starting teams. See what happens when Garno’s away?

The final result was we had to have yet another draw because the teams changed. Luckily for the Bibs, but then again they were the team with one less man on a warm, humid evening. Looks like one point each lads.

COMEDY MOMENTS – Towards the end D Low decided to do a ‘Ave it’ moment and hoofed the ball in the direction of the motorway. Up, up and away number two. He duly disappeared to find it whilst we played the remaining 5 minutes. Amazingly he retrieved it but we’d gone off the court leaving all his gear behind the goal. Soz.

MAN OF THE MATCH - May have to be Beatts for his all round effort and an amazing keepy uppy skill outside the area to then swivel, turn and shoot a great goal. Well done lad.

Week 19 - Wednesday 7th June


Not the greatest turn out this week ,only Eight lads available. Difficult to pick even sides, but we had a good go at it and to be fair the run around was most enjoyable.


The shirts having the pace of James and passing power of Jake romped into an unassailable lead. Ashey enjoying all that extra room scored a bag full. Simon also popped home a good total of goals. The shirts hung in there, with heads held high and rallied towards the end, all their team whacking in some goals of quality.

To be honest it was a refreshing although exhausting training session, with the result not important. All the lads came off at the end with smiles on their faces which is the most important thing. For the record the Shirts scored more than twice as many goals as the Bibs, however I propose 3 points to everybody who turned out this week…………. Once again Football was the winner and its nights like this that keep our little Club going.

COMEDY MOMENTS – Lots and lots of one on one and open nets missed all over the place.

MAN OF THE MATCH - Could be anyone, but Ashey gets it this week for some sublime finishing … Top Man.

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