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Well chaps , you can’t say it hasn’t been coming.

Over the past 12 Months getting a full complement of players consistently turning up on a Wednesday has been a constant battle. Tonight’s booking had been moved along the calendar months in advance and still we struggled. 10 became 8 then 8 became 7. The rain was hammering down and at 6.30pm, with some players already at the venue the match was called off. Too late to recoup our fees.

On a happier note, 31 years of football is a magnificent effort. Still playing at over 50 is a fantastic achievement.

I have now officially retired from Walton Wednesday FC. The old knees can’t take much more. However our fixture against Scolmore in March 2018 will hopefully be a regular annual event, so don’t be surprised if some of you get the rallying call.

For guys living locally there is always a game at New Mills Leisure Centre on Sundays at 5.15pm where you will be most welcome. Let’s hope we can get together for the odd game or a few pints in the future.

Thanks to everyone who has played over the years.
Cheers Garno.


Well it's a thankless task arranging games every week but you did it Garno lad. I helped out a few times so I know what it's like but I was never as good as you when collecting the money in!

It's been a pleasure to play Wednesdays and as you say 31 years is a bloody good outing. I 'only' managed about 26 years I think but injuries are catching up on me too with shoulder surgery coming up. I'll be back for Scolmore no doubt hopefully not spacehopper size!

Thanks for all the lads who turned up over the years and here's hoping we bump into each other somewhere along the line.

All the best. Gazza

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