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Week 26 - Wednesday 9th August


No Garno this week due to last week's knee injury so I took over duties. A decent compliment of lads this week with Christian replacing his old man at the last moment. Simon was away on his holidays.

BIBS – Chris B, Ryan, Jake, Stef & Christian
SHIRTS – James, Beatts, Gaz, Ailes & Jonnie

Despite me picking the teams and the inevitable moaning about how uneven the teams were, the game kicked off in earnest. The Jake/Ryan combo was working well again for the Bibs with fast passing encouraging the rest of the team to up the ante.

Beatts wasn't giving any quarter as he gave anyone with the ball no time on the ball. His persistence paid off many times with the Shirts breaking away and scoring with Jonnie and Ailes finishing well.

Unfortunately the game was interrupted half way through by Chris Bowden hoofing the ball into the undergrowth beyond the goal. 10 minutes elapsed whilst him and James tried to recover it. Tea and biscuits anyone?

Eventually we got going again but the Bibs just took the initiative towards the end with them running out a goal ahead. Not much wrong with the team selection after all then. Unfortunately for me I suffered ligament damage on a finger and aggravated a shoulder injury in goals so that's me out for a few weeks.

A decent game though with plenty of spirit, well done all!

FINAL SCORE – The Bibs won by one whatever the score was.

Comedy Moment – Chris Bowden lamping the ball out of the court and spending the next 10 minutes looking for it in the undergrowth. Luckily James helped him and ball was found.

Man of the Match – Christian gets it for his none stop running and a fitting parting shot before goes travelling abroad again.

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